Melissa Mullins Denver Boudoir Photographer



Independent. Gentle. Rebellious.

  • I believe 3 minute dance breaks everyday are essential to not taking life too seriously.
  • I secretly pick out cats I want to take home with me while volunteering at the shelter.
  • I believe a quiet night at home with my husband is better than the fanciest of dates.
  • My life would be complete if I could Amazon prime everything.
  • I believe in close relationships with a small circle of friends. I am not one for the masses.
  • I believe “weird” is a compliment.
  • I refuse to throw out my favorite powerpuff girls pajama pants I’ve had since 8th grade.
  • I believe the quietest voices can be the most powerful.
  • I believe my smile is the brightest thing I put on in the morning.
  • I rock sparkly TOMS with dresses. They are way better than heels.
  • I believe all women have their own unique superpower.
  • I believe in dreaming big and planning bigger.

Melissa Mullins



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