Halloween Milk Bath Sessions

August 22, 2017

Halloween Milk Bath Sessions Limited time!   In anticipation of the quickly upcoming fall season, I have planned for a few spots for sessions featuring black water in the milk bath. These are prefect for a Halloween theme, goth, macabre, pinup, cosplay, or even if you just think black goes with everything (which it totally […]

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Fruit Milk Bath Favorites

August 15, 2017

Fruit Milk Bath Photography Favorites   The title of this post sort of make it sound like a commercial for a weird new cereal. Fruit milk bath favorites – now with marshmallows! Fruit and milk bath photography just seems like a natural combination. I personally think that fruit lends itself perfectly to the pinup and […]

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Unicorn Milk Bath Photography

August 8, 2017

Unicorn Milk Bath Photography When I signed up to be a part of this year’s Unicorn Festival, one of my first thoughts was – “I need a unicorn milk bath!”  There are a few people in my life who I know love unicorns more than the average person, and one of them is my friend […]

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Black and White Milk Bath Photography

August 1, 2017

Black and White Milk Bath Photography Feature   Today on the blog I thought it’d be fun to do a feature post of some of my black and white milk bath photography. I first learned photography on a 35mm camera with black and white film, so this style of images will always have a special […]

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Sailor Moon Milk Bath Boudoir

July 25, 2017

Sailor Moon Milk Bath Boudoir   Friends, the day has finally come. The last installment of my Sailor Moon milk bath boudoir series – Sailor Moon herself! A little over a year, 12 models, a closet full of Sailor Scout dresses, lots of colorful flowers, amazing makeup artists, and 12 super fun photoshoots later I […]

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Pinup Maternity Milk Bath

July 18, 2017

Pinup Maternity Milk Bath Photography   This week I have a fantastic session to share with you. A pinup maternity milk bath with the gorgeous Delicious Ruckus! I’ve worked with her in the past, and it’s always a treat – but this time was extra special since it was for a maternity session before her […]

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Mermaid Milk Bath Photography

July 11, 2017

Mermaid Milk Bath Photography   I’m not sure when I first saw that swimmable mermaid tails were a real thing you could own, but ever since then I’ve wanted to try one out for myself. While I have yet to make my mermaid dreams come true swimming around in a pool in one of these […]

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Luna Milk Bath Boudoir

July 4, 2017

Luna Milk Bath Boudoir   Today’s session is the second to last in my series of milk bath series inspired by Sailor Moon – a Luna milk bath boudoir shoot! I always loved the cats, Luna and Artemis, in Sailor Moon. I even cut out tiny crescent moons and taped them to the foreheads of […]

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Star Wars Boudoir Milkbath

June 27, 2017

Star Wars Boudoir Milkbath Photography   Today’s session features a super awesome woman and her amazing wardrobe! I fell in love with this cute Star Wars boudoir set she brought, as well as the beautiful dresses, slips, and retro swimwear. We had a great time during her session and then picking out her favorite images […]

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Unicorn Festival Colorado

June 20, 2017

Unicorn Festival Colorado   Hey friends! A quick post this week to let you know that this upcoming Sunday, June 25, I will be at the Unicorn Festival Colorado! This festival will be a magical day will be filled with unicorn rides, swimming mermaids, Princesses, fairies, Quidditch matches, costume contest, dragon parade, music, food, and […]

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