Denver Underwater Photos | Best of 2015

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As we get closer and closer to the end of the year, I thought it’d be fun to do some re-cap posts of my favorite types of sessions and my favorites images from this year. I want to start by sharing some of my underwater photos. Underwater photography is something I started doing just this year and I am loving learning more and more with each time I get in the pool. I can’t wait to do even more next year, and experiment with different set ups for lighting, props, and backdrops. I love the challenge and I love being in the pool. I feel like underwater boudoir or maternity photos really are the most unique and offbeat sessions you can do. Aside from maybe photos while skydiving…but I’m totally afraid of that so we’ll stick to the water!

A photographer friend asked me recently simply “why? why do you want to shoot underwater?”
It’s hard to explain. I feel like it’s that feeling other photographers get when shooting a mountain wedding, or an adorable newborn, or a perfect sunset – that feeling of Yep. This is what I love and what makes my heart happy and my soul do a little dance. I feel that way with these, as well as my gentle rebel water portraits. Since I love water so much it’s pretty hilarious that Colorado is landlocked, but I make it work. I know there have got to be other mermaid wannabes out there like me!

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