Milk Bath Portraits for independent minds, gentle hearts, and rebellious souls

Magic. Starring You.

The Experience

Milk bath portraits are a unique form of boudoir, maternity and fine art photography. After getting professional makeup done, you'll step into a warm bath in my private studio and with some rainbow sparkle magic and a touch of lady fierceness, we will capture your true colors. It's so empowering!

I see the world in technicolor.


Always have, always will. Ever since the rainbow hues of the cartoons I grew up with infused into my brain. And I don’t just mean in actual color. I think I see people’s brightness even when they can’t. When I photograph another woman, I see all the colors of who she is. Both the pain and joy in her journey, the beauty and strength in her soul. When I shoot, I try to bring all that forth, so she can see it too.

WOW! Where do I begin?? You HAVE to get a photo shoot with Melissa Mullins Portraits. I have gotten two and they are some of my most treasured photos and memories. If you have been considering a photo shoot with Melissa, you absolutely have to do it...

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