10 Ideas You Can Steal for Your Milk Bath Pictures

September 26, 2017


Are you looking for some inspiration for your milk bath pictures? This post features a roundup of some of the most interesting, offbeat, creative, and colorful ideas that you can steal to use in your own photo session with me. If these ten ideas don’t tickle your fancy be sure to check out my blog for even more amazing ideas you can use for your boudoir, maternity, or cosplay fine art milk bath portraits.


Inspirational Ideas for Your Milk Bath Pictures


Frida inspired maternity milk bath photography session Denver pregnancy baby bump with flower wreath

1. Pop of colorful flowers

No matter if you are doing a maternity or boudoir session, colorful fresh flowers are the perfect accessory. I always like to pick out the flowers the day of your session based on what looks the best and matches with the color scheme we’ve come up with for your milk bath shoot. We can pick a single color, mixtures of two or three types, flowers with greenery mixed in, or the entire rainbow of floral options. My favorite color to pair flowers with is the plain white milk bath, but sometimes a bright color can match perfectly too. There are tons of options with using flowers in the milk bath.


Body paint milk bath artist boudoir photo

2. Use your body as a canvas

One of the most fun type of sessions for me is when I get to do my own art project. The canvas can be you! I love this shot above where we painted bold rainbow stripes, but I’ve also done splatter paint and a baby gender reveal with paint. This idea is perfect for artists and creative types, but would be fun for anyone who loves color. Do you want to be a living work of art? This milk bath idea might be the right one!



Denver Cosplay Sailor Uranus Milk bath photoshoot with sword

3. Rock your favorite cosplay

The world of cosplay offers limitless options for your milk bath pictures. I love seeing full costumes with props and creating the perfect setting for the character. You could also do an inspired by type of cosplay shoot. For example, a little mermaid style bathing suit or this cute Sailor Moon skater dress. Either way I love the story it can add to the session and the creative ideas it can inspire!



Colorado nerdy boudoir photography book reading glasses Sailor Mercury cosplay inspired

4. Bring your favorite book

A great idea for your milk bath shoot is to bring items that are significant and important to you. One of these props I love the most is your favorite book. Just like relaxing and reading in the bath tub, the book can make for some very cute pictures. I promise I will be really careful not to get any water on your treasured copy, but if you have a really special antique or autographed family heirloom that might be one to leave at home!



Boudoir Milk Bath Photographer Denver peacock feathers pinup

5. Match your tattoos

This might be a little trickier to accomplish, but if you have some unique ink it could be a fun idea to play that up with the color or props you pick for the milk bath. The image above you can see has some beautiful peacock feathers in the milk bath to match the sweet tattoo on this gorgeous lady. If your tattoo is not an object that we can add to the bath, what about matching the color of the water or shapes of the props to your ink? The options are endless.



Maternity Pinup Denver milk bath photography gender reveal

6. Do a baby reveal

A unique idea for your milk bath maternity session is to use the photos to do a reveal of the baby’s sex. You could use paint to reveal hand prints on your belly. Coloring the milk, using colorful flowers, hand written signs, or baby toys would all be cute ideas to add to your pictures. I even have rubber ducks here in my studio you can use to float in pink or blue to add a touch of fun!



Star Wars Boudoir Milk Bath Photos

7. Share your fandom pride

If a full on cosplay outfit is not your cup of tea, you could use your outfits to give a nod to your favorite fandoms. Lounge wear with the Star Wars characters on them, Harry Potter jewelry, or a Sailor Moon tshirt are all ways to show off your unique personality and what you love. I get so excited to plan what type of props and sets to use with these types of outfits to better complete the story, like this outer space themed milk bath with Star Wars outfit.



10 ideas you can steal for your milk bath pictures

8. Don’t be afraid of color

When most people think of milk bath pictures, they will be white milk with some pretty flowers. Don’t get me wrong – I love those – but don’t be afraid to get a little crazy too! Why not go for an all neon outfit? Maybe some rainbow colors? A fun patterned dress that you love? I always tell people the only outfit that is a bad idea is one that can’t get wet. I think you should wear what makes you feel comfortable and most like you! We will always get the classic shots and the dreamy black and whites, but we can also go a little edgy.



Fire performer boudoir water edgy boudoir photoshoot

9. Show off your unique interests

Ok so maybe not everyone holds fire as their hobby, but the point is why not show your own special talents? I love coming up with ways to incorporate interesting props in my milk bath photos. How about an artist holding her paintbrushes? Maybe you love to work on cars and want to bring some tools along. You could hold a cupcake or put some fresh herbs in the water if you love to cook. Do you play a sport? We could paint on some eye black, or even bring sporting equipment in the bath. There are tons of awesome ideas.



Colorado Boudoir Studio Milk Bath Photography tutu and glitter

10. Add some sparkle

Most of the time in my world, more is more. I like to start with the basics, but will always end with the fun stuff. That might mean rocking a tutu in a pool full of glitter. It could also be trying out an outfit that you thought might be too much, or a bright color combo, or even putting on a mermaid tail. Whatever can add some sparkle and fun to your session – why not give it a try?



Hi, I’m Melissa. I’m a portrait photographer in Denver and the milk bath photo expert. I’d love to plan a session with you!

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