Fruit Milk Bath Favorites

August 15, 2017

Fruit Milk Bath Photography Favorites


The title of this post sort of make it sound like a commercial for a weird new cereal. Fruit milk bath favorites – now with marshmallows!

Fruit and milk bath photography just seems like a natural combination. I personally think that fruit lends itself perfectly to the pinup and retro looks, as fruit prints and accents were popular in fashion from that time. Fruits can be a great pop of color and texture as well. I’ve used both real and faux fruit in my photography, so see if you can guess which is which in the images below. I’m totally ready for someone to come in a request a whole fruit salad in the milk bath – please make my dreams come true!


Check out a roundup below of some of the images I’ve created with awesome ladies and fruit.




Find out more about my milk bath photography sessions here.



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