3 Tips for Milk Bath Maternity Pictures

September 12, 2017

As a portrait photographer in Denver, I work with a lot of amazing women for their milk bath maternity photos. I’ve learned a lot from doing these sessions, and today I’m going to share with you my top 3 tips for preparing for your own maternity photo shoot.

The photos featured in this post are of the lovely Clare who recently welcomed her new little boy. Congrats!
Her beautiful makeup was done by Lark Mervine.


Denver Maternity Photography –
Top 3 Tips to prepare for your milk bath session



Milk bath maternity pictures with flowers and purple gown


Plan your outfits early

The most common question I get from clients is “what do I wear?” I know for pregnant women it’s even harder because all your normal clothes may not fit anymore. You want to accentuate your baby bump while also still feeling like yourself and rocking your own style. My advice for this is to start looking for outfits early. When you book your session with me I will send you a list with some shopping links to check out, and you can also browse my blog for inspiration.

Maternity gowns are a favorite among my clients for a good reason – they look great in the milk bath! You can get any color or style you like, just as long as the material can get wet. The ones that open in the front can provide more variety in the looks. You can also look at the top style for variation such as sleeveless, long sleeves, or even infinity wrap straps.

Other great choices are bathing suits, lingerie sets, robes, or even your favorite top. The options are endless and are really up to your style and what you feel comfortable in. I will help you to plan out a wardrobe set that will look fantastic in your photos.



Maternity milk bath photography purple with feathers

Try to relax

You need to try to look serene and glowing while 30+ weeks pregnant and laying in milk. Easier said than done, right?
I promise the session will be fun, easy, and stress free. I have everything we need for our session here at my studio so all you have to do is bring your outfits and a dry change of clothes to wear home. We will take breaks whenever you need one. I’ll match up all your outfits with the best colors, props, and poses.

Make sure you plan enough time to have a chill morning before your session, and remember you don’t have to worry about your hair or makeup. When you arrive to my studio we’ll look at all your outfits together and then you will get to relax while getting your makeup done by the amazing professional artists I work with.



Maternity Milk Bath Pictures flower wreath pregnancy baby bump

Don’t worry about posing

This is the other biggest worry I hear from my clients. “I have no idea how to pose or what to do with my face!”

Ready for the good news? No one does! Ok, maybe professional models do, but none of the ladies here on my blog are pros.

I will position you, move around your arms, legs, shoulders, and hands, and coach you on facial expressions. I’m hands on when photographing and will be fixing your outfit, moving flowers around, and tweaking your poses all to get the best shot. You really don’t need to know how to pose at all.

One thing that might help is doing a little bit of stretching before your session starts. You can do this in my studio – I always forget to stretch myself. The posing itself may not look too difficult, but some people do tell me they were a little sore the next day.


Black and white fine art maternity picture milk bath


Bonus tip: Don’t be afraid to personalize your session


Remember your maternity milk bath session is for YOU to remember this time in your life. You don’t have to follow what’s trendy or popular, you can let your self shine through. Pick your favorite colors for flowers, rock a glittery dress, or bring your own creative props. One of my favorite things about this job is getting to see so many people’s unique and creative personalities.


Milk bath materntiy portrait with blue water and flowers


I hope those tips for your maternity milk bath pictures will help you feel more comfortable rocking your own session.

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