Denver Milk Bath Photographer


Melissa Mullins



I see the world in technicolor.


Always have, always will. Ever since the rainbow hues of the cartoons I grew up with infused into my brain. And I don’t just mean in actual color. I think I see people’s brightness even when they can’t. When I photograph another woman, I see all the colors of who she is. Both the pain and joy in her journey, the beauty and strength in her soul. When I shoot, I try to bring all that forth, so she can see it too.


But don’t let the loud colors fool you...


I’m more of a quiet observer than my style might lead you to believe. But I know the quietest voices can sometimes be the most powerful. And that listening can impact someone’s life just as much as a whole lot of talking.


My work is a lot about listening. I hear a woman’s story and then translate it into the way I pose her and how I photograph her.


Did we just become best friends?


I believe "weird" is a compliment.

I dance through the aisles of H-Mart to K-pop music while my husband pretends he doesn't know me.

I believe a dream isn't complete until there's a plan to achieve it.

I never fill up the gas in my car until well after the empty light comes on.

I believe in living like a local instead of traveling like a tourist.

The rational part of my brain knows it's all made up, but I still love taking personality tests.

I believe in building your own community of misfits.

I still wear my favorite powerpuff girl pajamas I've had since 8th grade.

I believe that the best idea is not always the loudest.

My friends call me "grandma"... I always carry a sweater, have snacks in my purse, wear comfortable shoes, and love doing aerobics.

Shooting with Melissa has been an incredible experience. I used to do modeling when I was younger but I had some pretty serious health problems and I gained some weight. I've had a pretty hard time embracing my new body. I really thought I would never want to get in front of a camera again. Melissa has changed all of that. Modeling for her helped me embrace who I am now. Melissa is able to pose and direct her models and place them in very natural, flattering poses. It is also unbelievably fun to play underwater and in a milk bath that is colorful! I would highly encourage anyone who thinks they can't "model" to do a session with her. She will help you love yourself a little bit more which is something we could all use.


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