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I was nervous to write this! I was nervous to do this. But once I met Melissa and saw her unique work, there was no question that I needed to get a milk bath boudoir shoot now, and by her. You see, Melissa is a unicorn inside of a care bear inside of, oh, maybe a cage with knives or spikes, not sure, but she’s truly got it all when it comes to her style of milk bath boudoir photography. Melissa knows how to play into the magic, a day dream, a fantasy, whatever it is, to make you feel truly like you’re in a dream. Because… well, aren’t we?

I also take “weird” as a compliment.

Having just read the book, #GIRLBOSS, I am a little bit obsessed with Sophia Amoruso stories. One of them is about her tattoo: 1%. She got it before it was equated with Wall Street and wealth. When Sophia got this tattoo, she was realizing how rare it is to just be on this planet, let alone become a CEO of her stature. She’s not what society might call “normal” I guess you might say? And for those of us more wolf than sheep, we would take normal as an insult. Weird though? Yes, that’s colorful, that’s memorable, that’s unique and different and that’s what I like in my life as well as my quirky-branded business.

Girl Boss Boudoir pinup vintage black milk bath photos

Getting ready for the shoot was so much fun.

So, picking out my outfits and bath colors got me in this girly fun mood that I am rarely ever in. “What color? What outfit?” Ahhhh it was fun!! As an adult, I don’t get that release very often. It was like play time! I rummaged through my closet finding accessories and flower crowns from past vacations and events, pulling together my looks.

The first was a “Day of the Dead” type look, except I did vintage pin-up makeup. I had a flower crown and these cute little black lace gloves. I had on retro high-waisted floral bikini bottoms and a similar top. For the bath bomb? Black.

Secondly, I went with an adorable emerald green jumper. With that, I paired a head necklace in the faint style of Cleopatra. To counter the bright green, we went with a purple bath. I kept the vintage pin-up makeup and yes…. they came out so lovely!

Cleopatra Milk Bath boudoir photo

Makeup. Camera. Strike a Pose.

A whole day starring me? It was pretty dreamy. The studio is amazing and you walk in to music and snacks and everything just set up perfectly. In the back is the makeup studio where the talented Lark Mervine (Makeup by Lark) got me set up with eyelashes and a slight cat eye for our vintage makeup look. In the adjoining and open room, Melissa was getting her camera ready and getting the warm milk bath ready (they use powdered milk, who knew??)

Black milk bath pinup photo with flowers

Once I was ready, Melissa, being a super pro, was able to style me in every pose. I never once felt uncomfortable, I just felt like I was a model (ooh la la!). For a girl like me who is “girl bossing” nonstop in my business, just letting go and feeling super feminine and pampered for a day was tonic for my mental and physical health. It’s good to let go. Letting other people care for you and help you feel peaceful is honestly so important for entrepreneurs and fellow lady bosses. I am so grateful that I took a step away from the office and into Melissa Mullins Portraits’ studio for this truly epic photo shoot.

Behind the Scenes Milk Bath Boudoir Denver photographer

Behind the Scenes!

Purple milk bath with feathers

The portraits came out more beautifully than I ever could have imagined.

To have these to look back on and remember is a priceless gift. And to take time to honor me, make myself the star for a day, and memorialize the “space suit” that has kept me going all this time (my bod), I mean… yes!! I can’t wait to do more sessions one day and would encourage anyone who is a little daring, a little “weird,” and a little awesome… to try a session.

Thanks for reading!

Find out more about doing your own milk bath photo shoot right here.

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