Halloween Cosplay Milk Bath

October 17, 2017

Halloween is coming up soon, so it’s time to share some fun recent milk bath sessions on the blog. For this session I was thrilled to work with fantastic Denver cosplayer Nessa Wan Kenobi. I am so excited with the spooky Halloween inspired cosplays she came up with for her milk bath portrait session. The first one we did was Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. The “Pumpkin King” of Halloween Town, I loved her take on the character with the white hair and the Sally doll. One of the best parts was that she showed up to my door with this skeleton makeup on!

We also did a set for Lydia Deetz, from the movie Beetlejuice. This is one of my favorite movies, and really one of the only “scary” movies I will watch. I saw it when I was younger and it didn’t give me nightmares, although the part in the beginning where they pull their faces off did scare me a little. I loved Nessa’s take on the red wedding dress outfit, and of course she had the Handbook for the Recently Deceased to help guide her through the world of the afterlife.

The final Halloween inspired cosplay was Wednesday Addams. I have to say I think Nessa really nailed this character! Her dress and braids were perfect, along with the skull and poison bottle props. I love the monochromatic look we created with the black milk bath. I decided to add these spooky looking yellow flowers and red berries for a pop of color as well.

Hope you enjoy checking out a few of my favorites from this Halloween cosplay milk bath session with the awesome Nessa below!


Check back next week for more Halloween milk bath fun!


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