Holiday Milk Bath | Plus Size Boudoir

Holiday Plus Size Boudoir Milk Bath

I was thrilled when Jen of Plus Size Birth agreed to do this milk bath session with me, and even more excited when she wanted to share her experience with all of you in her own words!

I had a blast planning this Christmas themed set and peach flowers for Jen’s other project Peachie Moms! I also did a set with the 2nd half of Peachie Moms, Amanda, that will be coming very soon to the blog.

I truly believe boudoir photography is for every woman.

I love helping moms take some time to celebrate their bodies and feel beautiful.

Thanks so much Jen for answering these questions and letting me share some of your beautiful portraits with fabulous holiday sparkle makeup by the talented Lark Mervine.


How were you feeling before your session?

Even though I blog about body love, I still have moments of body doubt. The week leading up to the session I was really struggling with body image. I kept looking at the breathtaking milk bath images on Melissa’s website but there weren’t images of women my size. I’m plus size and I wasn’t sure how I’d look all wet. Yet, I also spent time reading about the experiences other women had and that feeling sexy doesn’t have to be wearing lingerie. So the night before the shoot I got a pep talk from my dear friend Amanda. Then I packed up not only some lovely lingerie but also my little black dress that makes me feel amazing.

Do you feel differently after your session?

Sometimes you have to dive headfirst and trust you’re in good hands. That’s exactly what I did and the experience left me dripping with body love!!

We started off with the darling Lark doing my makeup and telling me how beautiful I am. Then Melissa helped me to select my outfits. We agreed to start off with my black dress and I was so glad I had brought it as a option. I shared with her how I was feeling a bit insecure about my arms and she was cognizant of that throughout the shoot. I really appreciated that.

I wasn’t sure how the water would feel but it was warm and silky like taking a bath with my favorite bath bomb. Honesty, I got so comfortable during the session that when it was time to change outfits I just stripped.

When it was all done my hair and skin felt incredible and I received a big boost of self-esteem! Then seeing the final, edited photos blew my mind. This was a truly luxurious expereince and I’m so glad I didn’t allow my self-doubt to hold me back.

What would you say to other women considering doing a session like this?

Dive in to this unique experience! Treat yourself, love yourself, and don’t hold back.

How would you describe the overall experience in just three words?

Invigorating, Sexy, Chic

Thank you so much Jen for sharing your experience. Don’t forget to follow her over at Plus Size Birth!

Want to try a milk bath boudoir session for yourself? Get in touch right here and let’s start planning.


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