Lord of the Rings Milk Bath

Happy New Year! I am back with a brand new website, how do you like the design? I am so excited to be doing sessions and am opening my books up for 2020 so get in touch if you’ve been wanting to plan your own photo shoot.

I’m thrilled to share this session on the blog today – a Lord of the Rings Milk Bath! I love doing cosplay sessions, because it allows us to get really creative with outfits and props and bringing characters and themes to life. I’m so happy I got to work with the lovely Shersten on this project. She is a Denver cosplayer and costume maker – as well as an awesome hair stylist – check out her instagram here.

We chose 3 different Lord of the Rings sets for this session. The first one is Galadriel, also known as the Lady of the wood and one of the greatest of the elves of Middle-earth. In the story she allows Frodo and Sam to peer into her mirror, enabling them to glimpse possible events of the future. For our milk bath photo shoot I sourced a silver “mirror” (best goodwill find ever!) and Shersten had the most perfect white dress and crown.

We also did a solider of Gondor cosplay theme with Shersten’s amazing armor. In the Lord of the Rings, the kingdom of Gondor is represented by a white tree blooming with white flowers, so I added those elements into our milk bath. Check out her cool sword too!

Of course we also had to do a Hobbit theme! Shersten makes her own cloaks, so the one she brought here was perfect for our Shire-inspired milk bath with colorful wildflowers. I love that she also brought a copy of the book The Hobbit.

Are you a LOTR fan? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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