Luna Milk Bath Boudoir

July 4, 2017

Luna Milk Bath Boudoir


Today’s session is the second to last in my series of milk bath series inspired by Sailor Moon – a Luna milk bath boudoir shoot! I always loved the cats, Luna and Artemis, in Sailor Moon. I even cut out tiny crescent moons and taped them to the foreheads of my pets back in the day (they loved it). I knew I wanted to have an even 12 session for my Sailor Moon series, and since I am doing the 10 senshi, and tuexdo mask, I figured the cats would be the best choice! This session is with the fabulous Lark Mervine, and she rocked some super fun outfits. The galaxy bathing suit is from Esther Williams, the Luna crop top, galaxy skirt, and the cat ears are from Hot Topic, and the Artemis dress is from Living Dead Clothing (confession: I bought this for myself to just wear around!) We had a blast with some moons and stars, yellow and purple flowers (Luna’s outfit colors in human form) and some all black outfits as a nod to Luna the black cat form. Of course being an awesome makeup artist, Lark did some super fun makeup looks on herself too.

Thanks so much to Lark for helping me bring this idea to life!



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