Mermaid Milk Bath Photography

July 11, 2017

Mermaid Milk Bath Photography


I’m not sure when I first saw that swimmable mermaid tails were a real thing you could own, but ever since then I’ve wanted to try one out for myself. While I have yet to make my mermaid dreams come true swimming around in a pool in one of these beauties, I was thrilled to get to do a mermaid milk bath photography shoot with these fun new adult pro mermaid tails from Swimtails. Denver model Madelaine Jaine was the perfect mermaid for our shoot, and the beautiful illuminating makeup by Marisa Garcia pulled the whole look together. These mermaid tails are made for swimming and come with a monofin that fits inside the bottom of the tail, so they were pretty big! I will say fitting them in my tub was a challenge, but I think that just means I need a bigger tub for more future mermaids to splash in.

Model: Madelaine Jaine

Makeup: Marisa Garcia

Mermaid tails: Swimtails


Who else wants to be a mermaid?!

Find out more about planning your own milk bath shoot here!


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