Rainbow Brite Denver Cosplay

March 7, 2017

Rainbow Brite Denver Cosplay

I am a proud child of the 80’s! I have noticed recently a lot of 80’s kids like me are perceptually attracted to the bright colors, rainbows, and sparkles that is ingrained in our memories from our favorite childhood characters and tv shows. Rainbow Brite was one of the biggest rainbow sparkle gals of them all! I was seriously so excited when Sonja told me she wanted to do a Rainbow Brite inspired milk bath session. She even brought this perfect Rainbow Brite cosplay outfit complete with the rainbow belt! For the other outfits we wanted to keep with the bright colors and rainbow theme. She wore an adorable vintage pinup yellow polka dot bikini from Red Dolly Swimwear, and we paired it with some colorful flowers. The rainbow tank top is from modcloth and went perfectly with her cute teal hot pants. Of course we had to top things off with some rainbow tinsel!

Fun fact – I was so obsessed with 80’s cartoons that I made my now-husband watch the Rainbow Brite movie on one of our very first dates. I don’t really know why he stuck around after that!

Thank you to the amazing Lark Mervine for the gorgeous makeup with a super fun pop of pink.

Check out some favorites from my Rainbow Brite inspired session with Sonja below!


Bonus adorable photo with my Sprite doll I got from my new favorite store in the entire world – Fifty Two 80’s in Denver! Seriously I want to move in there… (check out my instagram for a peek inside).


Any other super 80’s fans? What was your favorite show? šŸ™‚


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