Sailor Moon Milk Bath Boudoir

July 25, 2017

Sailor Moon Milk Bath Boudoir


Friends, the day has finally come. The last installment of my Sailor Moon milk bath boudoir series – Sailor Moon herself! A little over a year, 12 models, a closet full of Sailor Scout dresses, lots of colorful flowers, amazing makeup artists, and 12 super fun photoshoots later I saved the main character for last – Usagi aka Sailor Moon aka Princess Serenity. Of course we had to do a little nod to these 3 different sides to the character, and I’m excited about some of the fun little details we were able to sneak in. For our normal girl/Usagi look we went for a vintage pinup vibe with a retro red top and navy Sailor 6 button skirt (get it?!). The Sailor Moon dress paired perfectly with these amazing pink, blue, and white flowers in the milk bath. I also couldn’t resist this cute Princess Serenity skater dress and paired it in the pink water with some white butterflies as a nod to the wings of Neo Queen Serenity. The charm bracelet is actually something I picked up on my trip to Tokyo – out of a gatchapon machine of course! So much moonie nerd stuff – hope you guys enjoy.

I have to send a huge shoutout to my model Lauren and makeup artist Lark Mervine for collaborating on this shoot!

Check out some of my favorites below.  Moon Prism Power, Make up!


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