Sometimes you have to dive headfirst and trust you’re in good hands. That’s exactly what I did and the experience left me dripping with body love! When it was all done my skin felt incredible and I received a big boost of self-esteem! Then seeing the final, edited photos blew my mind. This was a truly luxurious experience and I’m so glad I didn’t allow my self-doubt to hold me back.




Melissa is fun, super easy to work with, and professional. When you start talking with her about your shoot ideas, it feels like you’re talking to a long time girlfriend. She expands your ideas and creates something more magical then you can even imagine. She gives great posing ideas and coaching. Booking a shoot with her is worth it and you’ll never experience anything else like it!




I was so nervous the day of my shoot but Melissa and her team of ladies were kind, professional, and made me feel very relaxed. My photos came out incredible.
I'm so happy I chose to do a maternity milk bath session with Melissa.




Shooting with Melissa has been an incredible experience. I used to do modeling when I
was younger but I had some pretty serious health problems and I gained some weight. I've had a pretty hard time embracing my new body. I really thought I would never want to get in front of a camera again. Melissa has changed all of that. Modeling for her helped me embrace who I am now. Melissa is able to pose and direct her models and place them in very natural, flattering poses. It is also unbelievably fun to play underwater and in a milk bath that is colorful! I would highly encourage anyone who thinks they can't "model" to do a session with her. She will help you love yourself a little bit more which is something we could all use.


WOW! Where do I begin?? You HAVE to get a photo shoot with Melissa Mullins Portraits. I have gotten two and they are some of my most treasured photos and memories. Her style is unique, she is super down to earth, she helps you into poses and makes you

look absolutely fabulous. I loooove all of her work and couldn't recommend enough! If you have been considering a photo shoot with Melissa, you absolutely have to do it... you will not regret it, in fact, you'll be so grateful you did! Thank you Melissa!



Melissa is an incredibly talented and creative photographer. Every time I have gotten to shoot with her, Melissa has gone above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable, relaxed, and having an amazing time. Her studio is fantastic and well equipped with everything you might need (which is helpful if you tend to forget last minute things like me!) The photos she produces are stunning, and I cannot wait for the opportunity to get to work with her again!



Once makeup started, the nerves melted away. Melissa and her team made me feel at ease the whole way through. There were moments in the milk bath when I felt a little silly (like when I had to sneeze and then we couldn’t stop laughing) but, for the most part, it felt luxurious – like a special treat for myself. Seeing the images afterward just blew me away. Melissa’s style is flawless so seeing myself through her lens was a dramatic confidence boost!




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