Underwater Aerial Photography

Underwater Aerial Photography

Recently I had the chance to work with an incredible team of super talented people to make my underwater aerial photography dreams come true! I’ve been taking aerial dance classes for the past couple of years, and although I am still terrible, these two ladies are some of the best teachers out there. Katie and Staza are amazing and you can find them teaching and performing all over the place with Mesmerie Entertainment. Rigging these metal aerial apparatus up under the water was no easy feat, and thankfully I had a great team of helpers. Shout outs to Lark Mervine for the gorgeous makeup she did and for also supervising the gear above water and also to Chris Loring for taking videos, helping me with this giant backdrop and being generally awesome. What a fun day this was!! Make sure to check out our behind the scenes video at the bottom of this post.

Models: Katie Mesmerie and Staza Stone

Makeup: Lark Mervine

Appartus: Wolfy Metal Works

Video: Chris Loring

Wardrobe: Corey Souza

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