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May 18, 2018

Underwater Maternity Photography captures pregnancy in a surreal, unique and beautiful way. You’ll be framing these amazing photos. The incredible memories of what life was like when you were physically everything to your growing child, will be forever treasured. You can’t recreate or photoshop underwater maternity photography. It’s also a fun way to bond with baby before he or she arrives earth side. Let’s capture your amazing pregnancy moments together…underwater!

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Why Should I Go With Underwater Maternity Photography?

  • Underwater Maternity Photo Shoots are creative, unique and fun
  • You’ll create memories of love and beauty from this special time
  • It’s the closest thing to being a real mermaid for a day
  • Your partner will flip when he or she sees them
  • Underwater photography is incredibly freeing
  • You’ll have the coolest underwater photos to share and look back on

How Does it Work at an Underwater Maternity Photo Shoot?

Well, first of all, make sure to schedule a consultation with me so that we can go over all the details. A lot of expecting mamas ask me what to wear and whether they should wear makeup. Definitely don’t do your hair as we’ll be whipping it around underwater in a heated, saline pool (that’s right, no harmful chlorine).

In my Denver underwater “portrait studio” (aka the pool), you’ll be in a private area with myself in the water with you, as well as my assistant so that we get the perfect shot.

Makeup? Totally up to you, but not necessarily needed! It might depend on the look or theme you are going for, but typically just you as you are is perfect for an underwater maternity photo shoot session. You can check out some selections from my folio below… and probably see that outfits (flowy is awesome) can go much farther than makeup.

Fine art underwater maternity session Underwater baby bump maternity photos red tulle Maternity Photography Underwater Denver Underwater Maternity Photography underwater maternity blue gown

Underwater Maternity Photography… Yes, I’m so in, but tell me more, what’s the deal?

The main one is that you do need to be able to swim. We won’t be doing any Olympic swimming or diving or anything, but I am really adamant about making sure everyone feels comfortable in the water.

We won’t be venturing too far in the deep end and we’ll make sure you are supported for breaks, but if water and swimming totally freak you out, then ask me about Milk Bath Maternity instead!

Also, if you’re a contact wearer, just pop those out for this session. You don’t have to open your eyes underwater, but you might want to so that you have variety of expression for your collection.

How do I get started? I’m so excited!!

Pretty much just get excited!! That’s spot on! Next, setting up a consultation is the best way to start.

There, we’ll check your schedule, go over pricing, prints, anything additional that you’re going for and get you on the calendar.

If you have any questions about what to wear, I can guide you in this phone call as well as talk about any fantasies of being an underwater nymph, fairy, mermaid or aquatic princess.

I’ve done so many photo shoots and my love is bringing unique creativity, fun and PLAY into my photography. I look forward to connecting with you!


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