Winter Milk Bath | Boudoir Denver

Winter Milk Bath Boudoir Denver

Last week I shared a session from Jen (one half of Peachie Moms), and this week it’s the other half – Amanda’s turn!

Peachie Moms encourages body love and help moms with mental health, and offers a safe place for moms of all kinds to “feel more confident and joyful as they make their way through motherhood”.

I love helping moms take some time to celebrate their bodies and feel beautiful, because I believe boudoir photography is for every woman!

I am totally in love with the peach rose petals we used in these sessions as a nod to their business name. It matched perfectly with the fun polka dot bra. I also wanted to do a snow and winter milk bath theme with glittery snowflakes, and Lark Mervine totally nailed it with the festive silvery sparkle makeup.

Thanks so much Amanda for answering my questions about your experience and letting me share some of your amazing milk bath photos.


How were you feeling before your session?

A little nervous… mostly excited! Definitely curious as to how the whole process goes down.

Do you feel differently after your session?

Honestly, once makeup started, the nerves melted away. Both Lark and Melissa made me feel at ease and comfy the whole way through. There were moments in the milk bath when I felt a little silly (like when I had to sneeze and then we couldn’t stop laughing for several minutes solid) but, for the most part, it felt luxurious – like a spa treatment or special treat for myself.

What would you say to other women considering doing a session like this? 

It’s so worth it. I felt nurtured and cared for during the shoot but seeing the images afterward just blew me away. Melissa’s style is flawless so seeing myself through her lens was a dramatic confidence boost. Also, to answer questions I had going in: yes, the water is warm and it feels lovely; no, the color in the milk bath does not ruin your clothing; and yes, you’ll probably find yourself naked at one point or another and it will feel totally comfortable and not weird at all. 🙂

How would you describe the overall experience in just three words?

Fun. Luxurious. Special.




Be sure to check out Amanda’s website here!


Want to try a milk bath session for yourself? Get in touch here and let’s start planning.

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